We are fearless about taking on organisational transformation challenges, and creating unique customer experiences to drive behavioural change! With collaboration at our core, we are ready to work with you to craft winning transformation solutions.

We excel at listening and then using experience and our expertise, acting on your needs, to deliver a successful change outcome. Our team of experts are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to get the job done and are poised to provide a wide range of services aimed at behavioural change.

We Are Change Agility.

What we do

We work with leaders and teams to build a common purpose, strengthen relationships, and discover new ways of enabling and facilitating sustainable change.

Say What?

We support organisations in making CHANGE work! We partner with our clients to drive change programs that ensure employee buy-in, adoption and sustainability.

We are organisational transformation experts

Organisational disruptions have become more frequent, more challenging, and radical. Therefore, organisations need to adapt urgently and quickly to more extensive and more significant types of change.

Hence, managing these disruptions has become a necessary skill in today’s ever-changing organisational landscape. Therefore, there is a need to remove the fluff of the word “Change Management” and start supporting your employees as they learn strategies to adapt to a new world.

We provide change management support in the following areas:

  • Digital transformations
  • Systems Implementations
  • Organisational and Culture Change
  • Compliance Programmes
  • Office Relocations, including Corporate Real Estate optimisation


Consulting & Advisory

Transformation can be a daunting process to undertake. However, it is necessary for organisational development and growth. Understanding the difficulties of change, Change Agility has set out to offer comprehensive support during change and transformation initiatives.  We approach each change management process with empathy for all affected while providing the required expertise and experience.



The Game-Changer

Digitizing change management processes allows the change practitioner to drive visible and tangible change management results across all programs!  Changd is a cloud platform that provides visibility of change activities, transparency, alignment, enables data-driven decision making and accelerated delivery of change management activities. It also boasts measurement and reporting capabilities.



The Change Academy

Managing transition in the workplace and at a personal level has no doubt become a vital skill of the future. It is crucial that we become more resilient, agile, responsive, and prepared for obstacles in the business environment. Empower and invest in your learning journey by visiting our academy today! This is beyond eLearning! Our learning experiences are practical, relatable and embrace today’s learner’s needs.



Engaging experiences

Next-Gen Change Management is here. Our team will unpack your change, understand the impacts and your desired end state, and bring it to your employees TODAY in the most vivid way! We use today’s innovations to create tomorrows reality and engage leaders and employees in the change. Total immersion, real experience, visible behavioural change! We’ll sprinkle that with some creativity too!


What our clients say about us

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Meet the talented people with big ideas, creative minds and profound organisational transformation knowledge. Talk to us about your change project today!

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