In all honesty, any self-respecting business advisor/coach will tell you to never start a consulting business. There are so many other ways to make money in the world, and consulting is right at the bottom of the list of “best businesses to get involved in”.
  • For one, you are not actually selling anything, except yourself and possibly a couple of other brave souls.
  • You don’t have a tangible product!
  • You can never accurately valuate yourself because in all honestly, how do you do that?
  • It is a difficult business to scale and replicate.
  • You aren’t really your “own boss” – you still work for the client; “the real boss

…and on and on it goes.


I don’t believe that they are right, but they do make a valid point. Starting and running Change Agility has been my most unglamorous role yet, all done in a suit and heels!

So, why do I continue to wake up each morning and choose this company and this life? Why do I pray daily that I will be standing for a very long time, and Change Agility will still exist 20 years from today? Why have I not taken up multiple offers made over the past 7 years (that seem to come along when business is being business) and guaranteed myself monthly salary?

Why do I continue to constantly subject myself classification of being a “tenderepreneur “among other boxes society chooses to throw me in – even if my business is not tender driven/based, and I subject myself to hundreds “NO’s” before that 1 “YES” – which I celebrate for days on end, to the irritation of my family? I cannot leave out the comments of how “easy” it must be for me because I’m black and female…all I have to do is wake up and the money finds its way to my account!


It’s easy really – I can’t imagine doing anything else. This has been by far the most fulfilling journey of my life…I was born to do this! Call me a natural born hustler and I’ll take it! It’s exciting and crazy all the same time. I can explain it like this: It’s like I am bungie jumping every day, and each jump feels like the first.


I get to spend my days (and many nights) influencing how people feel, think, behave, act, react, and perceive their workplace, which has become their home at least 60% of their waking hours!

I get to accompany organisations in their journeys towards transformation and growth, which can be an exciting and equally daunting process!


I can safely say, in my world – I get to CHANGE the world! Now, who would not want to run a business that does that?

Change Agility focuses on developing and implementing transformation strategies that enhance its client employee experiences during the challenging times of change. We want to create inspirational and appropriate experiences for employees when everything around them is no longer the same.

We do this by collaborating with our partners to unpack what the heart will respond to, as well as what the head needs to hear to create a shift towards understanding and acceptance of the change.

Our creative and systematic approaches all aim to create buy-in for the new direction of the organisation, through its people.

We understand that organisations have to transform to achieve their goals and remain competitive. We also understand that when all is equal, people can be the game-changers. They can drive companies forward, influence, resist in ways that cause stagnation and stifle growth.

In some cases, however, where change is managed well, employees can be the true driving force of any successful business.  This is the space in which we take our place and assist organisations in creating a different experience and outcome.

This space has made us empathetic to the employee experience. We help organisations get the best from their people by simply ensuring that a systematic process during change is followed and benefits of the initiatives are realized.

So, why would anyone start a consulting company? Why did I start one? To be honest I did need to make income and did not like structures working much …so that was reason 1.

However, at the centre of this all – I believe that when we apply the knowledge, focus, and value-adding strategies we can create the shift organisations need to get to the next level. When this is done right – as our consultants at Change Agility to, we can start to appreciate that the work that we do does matter. What we sell may not be tangible, but if executed right, it will propel organisations towards its goals and change the face of our workplaces. It will make organisations healthier, workforces engaged and happier, and our country in a better place for the next centuries to come.

This is what Change Agility means to me, and this is the message our team strives for and drives through to our client environments


We CAN change workplaces across the country – and ultimately CAN make a lasting difference in how our people, organisations, societies think and behave, which ultimately will have an impact on our economy. We embrace this privilege and are excited to be able to live in this realm on a daily basis.

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