We want to grow and develop ONE HUNDRED brand new change consultants by 2030. Could this be you?

Are you considering Change Management as a career? 

Change Management is a key skill of the future, but often misunderstood. However, this does not mean to say change consultants will not be vital skill required in today’s uncertain times. In reality change practitioners are already a commodity in business. If this is something that has caught your attention then you have come to the right place!

As well as getting certified, it is equally important to strive toward being a well rounded consultant. In the long run you will be able to add value to any client and have a meaningful career.

Creating change consultants

Let us show you how you can tap into CSI Funds, Skills Development Fund and Supplier Development Funds and make Change Management available and affordable for all your projects.

  • Providing jobs for Social Science graduates, while enabling a an organisation that can adapt quickly!
  • Be part of an organisation that can provide you will the right skill set, and opportunities.
  • Our programmes ensure a structured approach that achieve real results!
Change consultants needed

For your all other Transformation Programmes

  • Developing a vibrant Organisation Change Management Office using your current HR teams.
  • Develop an approach and toolkit that fits your organisation.
  • Align your leaders and project environment around the way to achieve successful changes in your organisation!
Grow others through change

Change consultants contribute towards Economic growth

Educate and empower through change

Eradicating unemployment and youth poverty through change