Our Change Programmes

Increasing competition, globalisation, disruption, changing workforce demographics, fourth industrial revolution (4IR), upsizing, downsizing, the internet of things, and more affect us all. Undeniably these factors are forcing organisations to change more quickly and diversely than ever before. As a result, Investment in strategic change programmes may be the difference between competitors.

Therefore, we suggest that businesses like yours amplify the potential of your workforce through systematic facilitation of transformation and implementation programmes. Being able to facilitate, manage and embrace change is quickly becoming a vital skill of the future and directly related to the bottom line.

We partner with our clients to drive change programmes that ensure employee buy-in, adoption and sustainability.

Transformation can be a daunting process to undertake, but it is necessary for organisational development and growth. That is why Organisations are always looking for the best approaches to implement change quickly, seamlessly and achieve the desired results with minimal disruptions.

With this in mind Change Agility offers comprehensive support during change and transformation initiatives, approaching each change management process with deep empathy for all those affected.

Technology Change Programmes

For your Technology Change Programmes

  • Our specialist Change consultants create synergy between technical, mental (the head), and the emotional sides (the heart) of change management.
  • Our consultants appreciate ERP solutions and the power of technology. We therefore understand process flows, technical requirements and we have a background in Project Management. Most importantly, we understand organisational behaviour and subsequently have deep empathy for people.
Cultural Change Programmes

For your Culture Change Programmes

  • We merge knowledge between our culture strategist, organisational change managers and behavioural psychologist to craft solutions that address the core of changes in culture. This means we are particularly aligned to company values and drive new behaviours and new ways of being.
  • Secondly, through our “small to big” culture programme, we drive lasting commitment. We achieve this through a deep desire to change. This becomes a precursor to adapted responsibility.
Make change rain

For your all other Change Programmes

  • Drawing on invaluable insights we have gained throughout years of experience, we encourage leadership to fully engage with employees. Specifically during times of transition, to gain acceptance and buy-in of the change and drive the future desired state.

We create customised change management approaches and solutions for your needs, as well as equip your company to gain a solid understanding of change at an individual and organisational level, as a valuable skill of the future. With this knowledge and skillset, organisations can amplify future successful transitions.

Be proactive in managing change by pinpointing what constitutes success in your business and mapping out a path to achieve it.  We can help you avoid the common pitfalls! Poor change management planning and implementation can affect time, profit, productivity and return on investment.

We help companies develop strategies, define plans and implement changes systematically to achieve your organisational vision.


Tools and action plans designed to encourage employees to engage with, and emotionally commit to your organisation and its goals.


Flexibility and the ability to stay ahead of the competition are traits of a market leader. We bring about organisational transformation through systematic, creative and proactive engagements, and empower communication with your employees.

Sustain & Reinforce

Change must become a way of doing business; hence we focus on embedding change into your organisational culture to help your company become resilient. Our change management initiatives are sustainable in the long-term, measurable, and supported by our approach to knowledge transfer.