Hanlie Krause – Operations Manager at Change Agility

Personal Bio

About me


Hanlie Krause


Operations Manager

Job Function

I develop and manage process improvement and operational output.

Years of experience in relevant areas


Degrees and/titles

EIM Diploma – The FIDI Global Alliance (Brussels, Belgium), 2011

FOM Certificate (Fundamentals of Management) – Ikaheng HR Services (Johannesburg), 2009

Lego Serious Play Workshop Facilitation – Teamgel, 2020

Change Management, Anchor Chain Model/Methodology – Bioss SA (Johannesburg), 2018

Photography – UPE (NMMU), 2000

Conference appearances

Appointed as the single point of contact for affiliates, network members and suppliers.

I managed the relationships critical to service delivery and represented Elliott Mobility at international conferences abroad twice per year.

FIDI Global Alliance Conference and IAM Conferences in the United States, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom

Interesting facts about my work history

I have never been afraid to jump into new areas of expertise or new industries. Learning new things and skills from various industries complement my curious nature perfectly.

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Fun facts about me

I love gardening and hiking. I have 2 Italian Greyhounds, which I take for a nice long hike every Saturday (in the company of my sister and brother – the 3 of us are attached at the hip!).

With my gardening ‘addiction’ I have to plan monthly projects otherwise I could easily blow the budget straight to hell with all the flowers I want to buy LOL

What drives me

In collaboration with team members, I strive to develop impactful solutions for clients in support of their organisational change.

Career Achievements

 150% Rise in Annual Unit Revenue

During my tenure in the position of Group Pricing Manager at Elliott Mobility, revenue on this portfolio had increased from R20m per annum to >R54m per annum.


Securing the DIRCO (Department of Int Relations and Cooperation) contract – 2015

Elliott sought after this contract for more than 20 years and I played an instrumental part in securing a 4-year contract term, spearheading the pricing segment, which also included cost- and contract negotiation with 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service providers across the globe.

The pricing segment – covering sea, road, air and warehousing of both household goods and auto mobiles, consisted of 26,000 rate lanes.

Mission Statement

I enjoy driving transformation initiatives by taking into account the diverse needs of individuals, teams, and the organisational goals.

My Work Experience

I offer a strong background of experience in driving operational efficiencies

With specialist skills across the areas of operational process improvement, pricing, cost efficiencies, analysis, supply chain management, and customer service.

My experience covers 15 years of delivering results in services of various industries.

I drive organisational excellence through improving operational efficiencies, delivering high-quality and actionable analyses, while ensuring alignment of client expectations and our objectives.

I leverage my broad industry experience that spans global logistics, financial services, mining, and car rental to quickly determine client needs and create customised solutions.

Feedback from clients

I’m known for bringing enthusiasm to the team. My structured nature, problem solving skills, strong attention to detail, and successful navigation of pressure or setbacks give clients’ the confidence that “we’ve got this!”


“Hanlie is a proactive and dynamic individual, she would be an asset to any organisation she works for. Her excellent decision-making abilities are phenomenal in maintaining the quality of work and relationships with her customers… when it comes to handling pressure situations, she has always proven her deftness in managing tough situations.”

Kimber Becker, former MD, Elliott Mobility


“Hanlie has excellent decision-making capabilities, time management and leadership skills. I always appreciated her proactive measures, practical outlook and problem solving, and her energy. I firmly believe that she will prove to be an asset and she will add value to your organisation.”

Charnel Francis, former International Director, Elliott Mobility


Personal Achievements

With my brother, 34 years old, having a learning and cognitive disability I have acquired an unique way of communication with people or explaining situations over the years.

From a young age I have wanted to see the world and experience all the different cultures – my curiosity, about almost everything, has always been one of my greatest assets. I have worked very hard to achieve just this – I have traveled the world for both work and pleasure, and have embraced every single culture that I was fortunate enough to explore – from eating weird things, dressing in traditional attire, getting lost in foreign cities, and getting into conversation with random strangers.