Leaders, change managers and transformation experts have for many years have believed that digital technologies and business models pose an existential threat to their way of doing business. In many ways, we were right. No one could have seen the impact of a virus on the fibre of humanity. Therefore, our global economies and the future of doing business is changing quickly. Correspondingly we are grappling with how this will alter the way we view change and manage the disruption. Specifically, how we manage it effectively to achieve organisational goals. In summary, we believe that learning and self development are key to meeting the current need to adapt.

Managing transition in the workplace and at a personal level, has undeniably become a vital skill of the right now.  It has become urgent, and moreover critical, to ensure that we are more agile, more responsive and prepared.

Our courses address the two leading players in any organisation.

learning and self development for leaders

Learning for your Leaders

They are the most critical determinant of success or failure of any change initiative because being a leader in today’s transitioning environment is not easy. This is irrespective of whether you are leading one team member – or an entire corporation. Leaders motivate and get people involved. Chiefly, hey define a vision and drive that vision, working their way back to today’s strategic requirements to achieve that vision. They create a sense of urgency and importance about the change consequently showing commitment and passion about getting things done. Traditionally this enormous role was left up to one individual, but today we know that leaders are all around us.

You can feel the potential for acceleration when all the leaders in your project are aligned and demonstrating their commitment. What’s more, better sponsors are better leaders. Quickly, we build both awareness and competence. We focus on your project and your organisation, and how to avoid that dreaded black hole which leaves you feeling disempowered.

This workshop provides leaders with strategies on how to manage change effectively. It starts with the leader’s orientation to change, and build up to how leaders effectively sponsor change in the organisation.

learning and self development for individuals

For your personal self development

Who is responsible for how they prepare, respond and contribute to the success of the organisation?

I am the change I wish to see in the world.

The best way to handle change at work is to change yourself. After all, Change does not mean that you need to wear different clothes or find a new way to convert your workplace. You change yourself as a result of putting the focus on how you can impact your life and work in the present. This type of change focuses on personal development that helps you redefine yourself and the way you connect to work.

The goal for you during a change workshop is more than learning and self development. In fact we work together in an attempt to understand your orientation to change, and to find strategies and tactical solutions to let go of your reactions.  Equally, putting your energy toward the things you can control, the focus shifts to develop yourself in the face of challenges.

This workshop is interactive; reality-based, and supports individuals who are experiencing the stress of significant or constant organisational change. This employee change management workshop also accelerates the rate at which employees can self-manage transformation. As a result, increase the organisational readiness and buy-in.