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We work with leaders and teams to build common purpose, strengthen relationships, and discover new ways of enabling and facilitating sustainable change.


Transformation, of course, can be a daunting process to undertake. However, it is necessary for organisational development and growth. Organisations are always looking for the best approaches to implement change quickly, seamlessly and achieve the desired results with minimal disruptions.

For that reason, Change Agility offers comprehensive support during change and transformation initiatives,. We approach each change management process with deep empathy for all those affected.

For your Technology Programmes

  • Our specialist Change consultants create synergy between the technical side of change management, the logical side (the head), and the emotions side (the heart).
  • Our consultants appreciate ERP solutions and the power of technology, understand process flows, technical requirements and have a background in Project Management. More importantly, they understand organisational behaviour and have deep empathy for people.

For your Culture Programmes

  • We merge knowledge between our culture strategist, organisational change managers and behavioural psychologist to craft solutions that address the core of changes in culture – alignment to company values and adopt new behaviours and new ways of being.
  • Through our “small to big” culture programme, we drive lasting commitment through a deep desire, and even responsibility, to change.

For your all other Transformation & Change Management Programmes

  • Drawing on invaluable insights we have gained throughout years of experience. We encourage leadership to fully engage with employees during times of transition to gain acceptance and buy-in of the change and drive the future desired state.

We create customised change management approaches and solutions for your needs, as well as equip your company to gain a solid understanding of change at an individual and organisational level, as a valuable skill of the future. With this knowledge and skillset, organisations can amplify future successful transitions.

In essence we aim to be proactive in managing change by pinpointing what constitutes success in your business and mapping out a path to achieve it.

We can help you avoid the common pitfalls! Poor change management planning and implementation in general – affect time, profit, productivity and return on investment. But it need not be that way.

We help companies develop strategies, define plans and implement changes systematically in order to achieve your organisational vision.

Our approach ensures that we:

Engage and transform


Tools and action plans designed to encourage employees to engage with, and emotionally commit to your organisation and its goals.

Transformation management

Transformative Management

Flexibility and the ability to stay ahead of the competition are traits of a market leader. We bring about organisational transformation through systematic, creative and proactive engagements, and empower communication with your employees.

Sustainable change

Sustain & Reinforce

Change must become a way of doing business; hence we focus on embedding change into your organisational culture to help your company become resilient. Our change management initiatives are sustainable in the long-term, measurable, and supported by our approach to knowledge transfer.

Leaders, change managers and transformation experts have for many years have believed that digital technologies and business models pose an existential threat to their way of doing business. In many ways, we were right. Certainly we couldn’t have seen the impact of a virus on our the fibre of humanity, our global economies and the future of doing business. Today, we are grappling with how this will change the way we view change and manage it effectively to achieve organisational goals.

Managing transition in the workplace, and at a personal level has become a vital skill of the future. No doubt it has become urgent, and critical to ensuring that we more agile, more responsive and prepared.

Our courses address the two leading players in an organisation:

Leadership management

The Leader

They are the most critical determinant of success or failure of any change initiative because being a leader in today’s transitioning environment is not easy. This is irrespective of whether you are leading one team member – or an entire corporation. Leaders motivate and get people involved. Chiefly, hey define a vision and drive that vision, working their way back to today’s strategic requirements to achieve that vision. They create a sense of urgency and importance about the change consequently showing commitment and passion about getting things done. Traditionally this enormous role was left up to one individual, but today we know that leaders are all around us.

You can feel the potential for acceleration when all the leaders in your project are aligned and demonstrating their commitment. What’s more, better sponsors are better leaders. Quickly, we build both awareness and competence. We focus on your project and your organisation, and how to avoid that dreaded black hole which leaves you feeling disempowered.

This workshop provides leaders with strategies on how to manage change effectively. It starts with the leader’s orientation to change, and build up to how leaders effectively sponsor change in the organisation.

Individual change

The Change in the Individual

Who is responsible for how they prepare, respond and contribute to the success of the organisation?

I am the change I wish to see in the world.

The best way to handle change at work is to change yourself. After all, Change does not mean that you need to wear different clothes or find a new way to convert your workplace. You change yourself as a result of putting the focus on how you can impact your life and work in the present. This type of change focuses on personal development that helps you redefine yourself and the way you connect to work.

Overcoming Challenges

The goal for you during change workshop is to understand your orientation to change, find strategies and tactical solutions to let go of your reactions.  Equally, putting your energy toward the things you can control, the focus shifts to develop yourself in the face of challenges.

This workshop is interactive; reality-based, and supports individuals who are experiencing the stress of significant or constant organisational change. This employee change management workshop also accelerates the rate at which employees can self-manage transformation. As a result, increase the organisational readiness and buy-in.

Are you considering Change Management as a career?

Change Management is a key skill of the future, but often misunderstood. However, this does not mean to say change consultants will not be vital skill required in today’s uncertain times. If this is something that has caught your attention then indeed, you have come to the right place!

As well as getting certified, it is equally important to strive toward being a well rounded consultant. In the long run you will be able to add value to any client and have a meaningful career.

We are looking for one hundred brand new change consultants by 2030. Could this be you?

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All change through transformation

For your all other Transformation and Change Management Programmes

  • Developing a vibrant Organisation Change Management Office using your current HR teams.
  • Develop an approach and toolkit that fits your organisation.
  • Align your leaders and project environment around the way to achieve successful changes in your organisation!

Contribute towards Economic growth

Social change management responsibility

Eradication of unemployment and poverty for our youth through socially responsible change management

Workshops which inspire change or cause a shift in viewpoint

Modern day disruptions in business such as Digital Transformation and Employee Experience require a specific type of leadership and a specific type of employee. As a result they also require a different way of engaging! For that reason we have created these invaluable transformation workshops.

Today’s  leaders need to stimulate employee enthusiasm and inspire creativity, commitment, and performance. So as to furnish successful business transformation implementation. Leaders also need to disrupt the status quo to remain competitive.

Crafted transformation workshops

Our workshops are tailor-made to encourage a perspective shift in order that both our leaders and individual team members are smoothly guided toward sustainable change.

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Creative management

Creative engagement solutions

Solutions like this are in essence taking the business world by storm! In particular these solutions tackle the hard business values in fun and exciting ways; solutions that push the envelope and guide teams to the next level while garnering creativity and growth.
Is that not what your workshops should be all about?

It could be a team building weekend, or a strategy development session, or just a goal setting session! Uniting a group of people with a shared vision, which they believe in personally and as a group— creating team buy-in. These are the value of transformation workshops.

Experimenting with change

Experiential business games

Our are real-life simulations are interactive, fun and creative, but no less a fundamental learning experience. The tool we use to accomplish this is LEGO Serious play –  and by applying an approach that encourages the use of metaphor instead of reality. This approach to running workshops creates a ‘safe’ distance from the working environment. The method ensures that participants feel safe and are open to the process.
Focused change

Our approach

We focus on a specific set of learning outcomes through a process of practice, problem-solving and decision making. In turn these steps accelerate learning and improve knowledge retention.
Participation learning

Workshops for teams

Participants are encouraged to work together as a team where each individual’s role is vital in fostering teamwork and also increasing individual engagement and motivation.