Our workshops create a safe environment for teams to adapt to change. Whether a leader or individual change can be challenging, but through our workshops we aim to encourage adoption by easing the fear of transition.

Workshops that inspire change, or cause a shift in viewpoint

Modern day disruptions in business such as Digital Transformation and Employee Experience require a specific type of leadership and a specific type of employee. As a result they also require a different way of engaging! For that reason we have created these invaluable transformation workshops.

Today’s  leaders need to stimulate employee enthusiasm and inspire creativity, commitment, and performance. So as to furnish successful business transformation implementation. Leaders also need to disrupt the status quo to remain competitive.

Crafted transformation workshops

Our workshops are tailor-made to encourage a perspective shift in order that both our leaders and individual team members are smoothly guided toward sustainable change.

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Creative engagement workshops

Creative engagement solutions

Solutions like this are in essence taking the business world by storm! In particular these solutions tackle the hard business values in fun and exciting ways; solutions that push the envelope and guide teams to the next level while garnering creativity and growth.
Is that not what your workshops should be all about?

It could be a team building weekend, or a strategy development session, or just a goal setting session! Uniting a group of people with a shared vision, which they believe in personally and as a group— creating team buy-in. These are the value of transformation workshops.

Experiential business games workshops

Experiential business games

Our are real-life simulations are interactive, fun and creative, but no less a fundamental learning experience. The tool we use to accomplish this is LEGO Serious play –  and by applying an approach that encourages the use of metaphor instead of reality. This approach to running workshops creates a ‘safe’ distance from the working environment. The method ensures that participants feel safe and are open to the process.
Learning outcomes

Our approach

We focus on a specific set of learning outcomes through a process of practice, problem-solving and decision making. In turn these steps accelerate learning and improve knowledge retention.
Transformation workshops for teams

Workshops for teams

Participants are encouraged to work together as a team where each individual’s role is vital in fostering teamwork and also increasing individual engagement and motivation.