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Change Agility offers client-focused change management services, providing seamless transformation in organisations seeking change. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic business environment, change is the only constant and we are skilled in organisational transformation.

Implementing change management correctly is critical to the success of your change initiative. We provide tailored, smart and well-researched solutions to shift your organisation even closer in alignment with its goals, values and overall vision. As expert change management consultants, we help your company to remain flexible and relevant, encourage both employee and stakeholder engagement, and ensure that the necessary changes are implemented.

Change Agility focuses on excellent communication and engagement to encourage the required shift in behaviour, which then creates a change-fit organisation. We approach change management with a deep empathy for your workforce, a strong focus on organisational culture and a passion to see your company thrive. We offer change management in Johannesburg, across South Africa, as well as Malawi.

Change management services

Change management is our core service and we are passionate about assisting with organisational transformation and encouraging growth, so that companies become globally competitive. We help you shift behaviours and achieve your vision.


Boost your career and develop critical skills with one of Change Agility’s accredited training courses. We offer individual unit standards and full qualifications, as well as an online skills assessment and soft skills training.

Online skills assessments

Take advantage of our cloud-based change management solutions to streamline your business processes, which in turn provide support to our change management services.


Our partnership with PNet provides our clients with a recruitment outsourcing solution for finding the right people with the required skill sets, who fit perfectly into an organisational culture.


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